Why Flora?

  • Convenience
  • Helps Get More Fruit Into Your Diet & Household
  • Variety Of Fresh Quality Fruit To Your Doorstep
  • Aids In Creating A Consistent Healthy Lifestyle & A Better You
  • Excellent & Friendly Customer Service
  • Accountability 

The Abundant Benefits Of Fruit 

When you choose to use our service, you are choosing the convenience and accountability of fruit being delivered to your home. Everyone knows the consumption of fruit is an essential part to a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. We want to make life easier for you! We make it easier to get more fruits into your diet and household. Our goal is to help you consistently experience the many life changing benefits fruits have on your well being, and aid in the journey to live a more healthier lifestyle. When you choose Flora, you are choosing a better you! 

What's In Fruit?  

Fiber – Electrolytes – Potassium – Amino Acids – Phytonutrients/ Phytochemicals – Antioxidants – Natural Sugars/Glucose – Calcium – Folate – Iron – Magnesium – Manganese - Essential Vitamins & Minerals – Polyphenols – Biotin - Omega 3’s – Fruits Are Alkaline – Fruits Are Alive!